What to do in Puerto Vallarta

What to do in Puerto Vallarta

The wide variety of activities that you can enjoy in Puerto Vallarta range from aquatic adventures such as boat rides, flyboard, windsurfing, diving and swimming with dolphins, to tours through the tropical forests aboard zip lines or rappelling rivers down.

Extreme activities

If extreme adventures and adrenaline-charged activities are for you, Puerto Vallarta has the best options to make your vacation more than exciting.

Enjoy speed on the high seas in inflatable boats, travel untamed trails in ATVs and ATVs, stroll through the Sierra Madre Occidental on horseback or by bicycle, or descend the peaks of its hills and mountains on a zip line.


The best part about hiking is that they are ideal to get to know more of Puerto Vallarta at a minimal cost; You only need comfortable clothing, sunscreen, insect repellent, a bottle of water and a snack.

Nature lovers find a wide variety of options to practice this activity. Some of the most recommended tours include the Mirador de la Cruz to witness the sunrise and the magical sunsets of Puerto Vallarta; the path to Colomitos through the mountain to reach this famous and charming beach; and the Palo María river that offers irregular paths to reach the waterfall and its lagoon after the walk.

Zip lines

The natural wealth of Puerto Vallarta is fascinating and provides the opportunity to explore the surroundings with an extra dose of adrenaline. Rugged mountains, rivers and waterfalls are the setting that frames this adventure as you fly over the treetops.

Many of the tours offered by certified companies include horseback or mule rides until you reach the place where a day full of excitement awaits you.


The beaches of Puerto Vallarta are ideal for swimming, but if you want to put your surfer skills into practice, there are more than perfect options from Yelapa, through Quimixto to the Mismaloya area and Marina Vallarta to practice this sport, and with ideal temperatures thanks to the waters of the Pacific with a fantastic swell.

Swimming with dolphins

Few experiences compare to swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat and Puerto Vallarta is home to a great number of them. Learn more about these friendly mammals and their behavior as well as the organization of their social groups while you glide through the water holding their fins.

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