The display of natural beauty in Puerto Vallarta seems to have no end, and it is precisely this diversity that invites you to enjoy a wide variety of adventures. Either exploring the beautiful beaches or practicing snorkeling and diving in the reefs that you find in the region, until you sail the waters of the bay at sunset while you admire the stunning sunsets aboard a boat, or discover the local culture and the vibrant nightlife on the Malecón, one thing is for sure: the fun will have no limits.


The vibrant Malecón has defined the spirit of Puerto Vallarta since its founding. Considered the meeting point par excellence, the Malecón is dotted with sculptures by renowned artists, art and craft galleries, shops and restaurants. Enjoy shows and artistic expressions in the open air at the Los Arcos amphitheater and along this iconic walkway of almost a kilometer, delight the palate in restaurants of local and international cuisine that offer spectacular views of the Pacific, and admire the emblematic sunsets of Puerto Vallarta in the front row.


The Marine is an important commercial, residential and maritime area where some of the best shops, boutiques, cafes, galleries, restaurants and bars and its famous Lighthouse, arranged around its jetty designed to accommodate 500 yachts and boats. The generous biodiversity of the Sierra Madre and its tropical forests make Puerto Vallarta a fascinating place to explore beyond its beaches.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden welcomes you with a perfectly drawn plan so that you can visit it in sections: the Cactus Garden with species of different sizes and shapes; the Tropical Fruit Orchard with an impressive collection of oaks, wild palms and agaves; the Conservatory of Orchids with about 300 native species of Mexico. At the end of the visit to the greenhouses and gardens, you can enter the forests to cross the suspension bridge and admire the giant trees that inhabit the place.

Rio Cuale Island

Much of the cultural and artistic scene takes place at the eastern end of the Cuale River Island, at the Centro Cultural. Events, art exhibitions, musical evenings, poetry and literature attract both visitors and locals. The Cuale Cultural Center offers painting, sculpture, dance, theater and music workshops, and free access to the Cuale Archaeological Museum, which exhibits archaeological finds from the area as well as general information on Mesoamerican history and art.

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